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Oxboro Family Chiropractic treats both union and non-union workers' compensation injuries.

Oxboro Family Chiropractic has years of experience treating automobile-related injuries.  We will work with you, the insurance company, and your legal representation to help get you back on the road of health!

Car accidents cause very serious injuries.

Collisions at speeds as low as 5 mph can cause significant damage to ligaments, muscles, and discs in your neck, upper back, and low back. Chiropractic care offers excellent treatment for the injuries that result from the damage of these tissues. Time is critical, conditions left untreated may have permanent effects. If you have been injured in an accident or collision, contact our office immediately for a consultation and examination.

The following is a brief description of personal injury coverage in the state of Minnesota:

The state of Minnesota legally requires that each motorist have a type of insurance called “no-fault.” This originates from the Minnesota No Fault Automobile Insurance Act that was enacted on January 1, 1975. A claim can be filed for accidents that occur during maintenance of a vehicle or operation and use of the vehicle. Following a collision, as the term implies, initially neither motorists’ insurance is held responsible when a claim is filed. You may be treated for your injuries by any chiropractor, medical doctor, or any other medical professional you choose. Treatment for injuries is typically covered at 100%. The insurance companies later determine fault. The insurance company is also required to cover transportation or mileage for treatment, loss of wages due to injury, and other types of compensation.

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Workers' Compensation

Neck, low back, and extremity pain, sprains, and strains account for nearly 33% of all reported work injuries according to OSHA.  The most common cause of work-related injuries is overexertion and repetitive motion, leading to acute pain, muscle spasm, and soft tissue injuries.  This accounts for 35% of all workers' compensation cases.  Chiropractic treatment, massage, and acupuncture has been found to be effective in treating these types of injuries.  If you have been injured at work, starting treatment early is critical in recovery time and symptom management. 

The following is a brief description of work injury coverage in the state of Minnesota:

Per the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, all employers are required to either purchase workers' compensation insurance or have self-insurance to provide benefits to employees in a work-related injury.  If you have been injured while at work, the first step is to file a report with your employer.  Then, schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider for evaluation of your injuries and to discuss what treatment options are the best for you.

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Starting treatment early is essential for injuries of all types and severities.  If you've been injured contact us today to start on the road to recovery.

Car Accidents and Work Injuries