Migraines are one of the world's most pervasive neurological disorders. Billions of people suffer from them worldwide, including 13% of US adults. 90% of the 38 million Americans who suffer from migraines each year say that migraines compromise their ability to work or even function normally. Migraines are diagnosed based on symptoms and medical history.  The root cause of this disease is very challenging pin point. 

In prior years migraine sufferers relied solely on rescue drugs that they could take once symptoms were already in place. These kinds of treatments were often only a temporary fix. Studies indicate that migraines are often triggered by pollutants, toxins, pollen or other allergens, even certain foods; different things can be a trigger for different people. Today there are things people can do to prevent migraines. Experts recommend keeping a diary to try and pin point what triggers your migraines. Focusing on lifestyle changes are also very helpful, although we cannot eliminate all triggers, this is a good place to start. Two of the most common things research says to do is stay hydrated and get rest. 

An addition to lifestyle changes to help prevent or reduce migraines is yoga. Yoga can help you relax and relieve some stress which can also contribute to migraines. Some studies also have shown that acupuncture is another alternative to help give relief to these types of headaches. Another alternative form medicine to help prevent migraines is chiropractic care. Recent studies have shown chiropractic care to help relieve migraine intensity as well as frequency. One study found that 22 percent of people who had chiropractic treatment reported experiencing 90 percent less headaches. That same study found that 49 percent of participants had a reduction in pain intensity.


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