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Baby Safety Awareness Month

September is baby safety month, hosted by juvenile products manufacturers association (JPMA). In this week's blog we are going to talk about the basics of safety tips, hidden hazards around the home and tips for buying products to use for your infants.

Learning that you are about to have a baby is one of the most exciting and heartfelt experiences you will ever have in your life! After learning the news it is time to get your house in order to properly protect your newborn, and soon to be toddler. JMPA notes that it is best to babyproof your home before you register for your baby shower. This helps to give you a better idea of what you need to further protect your child. A good suggestion when babyproofing your home is to get down on your hands a knees to see the world through a baby's eyes. Make sure outlets are properly covered, cabinet drawers have baby locks and furniture is properly secured to the walls. Remember that babies are very curious and will eventually like to explore every room in your home so it is important to make sure every room is suitable for them.

There are many hazards around the home that we, as adults, can easily forget about. If you have blinds covering your windows it is important to make sure the blind string is out of reach for babies as they can become a strangulation hazard. Make sure that magnets that are easily accessible are kept out of reach because they can be easily swallowed by children. Other choking hazards include loose change, small rocks, legos or any small object that can fit into a child's mouth. Children are very curious creatures so it is a good idea to vacuum your home and try to vacuum regularly to reduce the risk of choking. Table clothes should not hang within reach of an infant as they can easily be pulled down. Be aware of loose rugs as they can become tripping hazards once your toddler starts walking. Keep your toddler away from hot substances like boiling water or coffee to avoid burns.

There are a lot of different products on the market when choosing baby supplies. When picking out a stroller make sure you have a stroller with a wide base to help reduce the risk of a tip over. The larger base is also useful to help store baby bags or other supplies under the stroller while on your adventures. When choosing a baby carrier or sling try to find good, durable material that is washable. Babies often times spit up or drool so it's important to be able to wash the carrier. When choosing a crib mattress make sure the mattress fits the crib so that no more than two fingers width can fit between the mattress and crib. When using a changing table make sure your baby is properly secured or that you have one hand on them at all time. Lastly, always watch for recalls! You can check for recalls at to make sure your products are safe.

 For additional tips and tricks when expecting a baby click the link below!

By: Dr. Travis Klug, D.C.