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Being Prepared for Winter

In Minnesota we have extremely unpredictable weather, especially in the winter. Here are some tips for being prepared for whatever comes your way. Every Minnesotan should have a winter kit in their car. This kit should include; jumper cables, a bag of sand or cat litter to help with traction, a blanket, a first aid kit, a flash light, snacks, water, batteries and chargers, hand and feet warmers and a shovel, brush and scraper. In addition if you plan to venture out during extremely cold or snowy weather no matter the distance, wear a warm winter jacket, winter boots, hat, scarf and gloves. Also double check you have a fully charged cell phone, an up to date insurance card and a drivers license with you. This way if you have car troubles or get into an accident you are prepared. 

If you are in an accident no matter how minor, stay on the scene and call 9-1-1. Move to a safe area if you can. Double check you are okay and if anyone else involved is okay, stay calm. If another car is involved exchange information with them, document the following: name, address and phone numbers of all the drivers and passengers involved, the license plate number, make and model of each vehicle involved, the vehicle operators driver license number, insurance company and policy number. Some other information you might want to get is the names and phone numbers of any witnesses and the names and badge numbers of the police officers who responded. You should also document the damage. Take photos of the accident scene and vehicle damage. Even if no one is hurt you should still file a police report and report the claim to your insurance company. 

If you are injured after an accident and perceive your injuries to be a medical emergency, go to the emergency room. Otherwise, if you are sore or injured make an appointment to see your chiropractor. Sometimes injuries from a car accident aren't immediately present. The bottom line is, if the weather is extremely bad and you have the ability to stay home, stay home. If you do have to drive, be prepared, pack your car accordingly and dress for the weather. Drive safe! Go the speed you are comfortable with and make sure you are leaving enough room in front of you. If you are in an accident stay calm and follow the steps above.

By: Julia Jacobson, Office Manager
Oxboro Family Chiropractic, P.A.